John Laford Gallery

John Laford presenting John Bartleman with gift

John Laford is one of our featured Artists

John Laford is an Ojibway artist, born in 1955 on a reserve in the West Bay area of Manitoulin Island. Many private collectors own his Paintings; he is represented in museums across North America such as the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), Toronto and the Museum of Man, Ottawa. John’s paintings deal with the legends of his people, the Great Ojibway. His art portrays spiritual meanings; often something that is part of the real world yet expressing something profound and mysterious.


John Laford   Small Paintings

8 x 10 inches

Call for pricing   905 510 9377

John Laford 8 x 10 inches

John Laford Medium Paintings

Call for pricing 905 510 9377

John Laford 16 x 20 inches

John Laford Larger Paintings

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Algonquin heritage has both large and medium sized pieces that are both impressive, artistic and colourful for the work place.

Larger paintings are generally larger than 3 ft x 4 ft


John Laford Bark Paintings

Call for pricing 905 510 9377

John Laford Bark Paintings

Joh Laford Wood Sculptures

John Laford Limited Edition Prints

Colourful, start a collection with a print.

$270.00 each