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Algonquin Heritage Art and Watercraft is a small business created in 1994 by Canadian wilderness lovers Rob Gordon and Katie Lundon. The business is inspired by over 4 decades of experience and paddling along the waterways of Algonquin Park. The Algonquin Heritage paddle represents a piece of pure Canadian Heritage.          

The Art provides a means for Canadians to experience the mystical and spiritual legends and ways of the First Nations people of Canada. These people who were here long before the arrival from europe of many of our forefathers had learned through thousands of years the importance of sharing and protecting the land also had developed a spiritual connection with mother Earth. The paintings presented through Algonquin Art and Watercraft are some of the most equisite representations of this truly spiritual connection to our surroundings.

The paddle is made from the wood from Canada's great forests and each paddle carries an original Ojibway painting on its blade. At Algonquin Heritage we feel that our paddles are the quintessential Canadian tool. They make the perfect gift for the avid canoeist, cottage owner or collector of original Canadian art. From the times of ancient cultures through to the discovery of our great country by the early explorers such as Champlain and the North West and Hudson Bay companies the paddle has remained central to our growth as a nation and culture. It symbolises teamwork.  

Today's outdoor enthusiast can continue to enjoy and experience a timeless piece of Canadian heritage offered by one of our unique paddles. Ideal as a corporate gift.


       Feature Ojibway Artist - John Laford

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The Virtual Gallery features other First Nations art from across Canada.

Traditional Iroquois Sculpture


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